Designs can be the most effective and economical form of intellectual property owned by your organisation. New designs can be registered with various patent offices around the world. In the USA such registrations are refered to as “design patents”.

By far the most significant changes introduced into intellectual property law by the Copyright Design and Patent Act 1988 concerned design elements in industrially produced articles.

Pre-existing the changes introduced by the 1988 Act was a system of design registration dating back to the 1830s. The 1949 Registered Designs Act is the law that deals with design registration. It was amended significantly in 2002 bringing it into line with European law.

The main change made in 2002 concerned the difference between a drawing or painting which is produced primarily for decoration and a similar painting or design which is reproduced industrially. The former takes advantage of copyright protection and the latter of design right or registered design protection.


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