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BRAND PROTECT is one of the world’s most respected trade mark specialists. We pride ourselves on being able to give the best possible service at extremely competitive prices whilst maintaining a personal relationship with clients. During its many years of experience, Brand Protect has efficiently provided the whole range of trade mark services, from the essential application and registration services to, if required, the more complex litigation stages. Since its inception, Brand Protect has been working closely with businesses of all sizes and understands their needs. Much of our new business is a result of being recommended by clients and we are keen to continue this working relationship to deliver excellent trade mark solutions that are incredibly good value for money.

This website has been designed to offer as much information as possible to allow customers and clients make informed decisions about copyright issues. Please feel free to have a look around and see if the information you require is available. If you would like any further advice, or you wish to speak to one of our dedicated team about trademarks, or any other intellectual property issues, please contact us using the details provided.

Your brand is one of the most valuable assets your company owns. Ensure that it enjoys the appropriate level of protection. marks community trade marks trade marks

Our intellectual property services include:

  • trade mark registration services - UK, Community and International;
  • copyright advice;
  • registration of your designs;
  • management of domain name disputes;
  • advice on building effective strategies to improve trade mark and patent protection;
  • advice on, and help with licensing of your IP to third parties;
  • advice with brand valuation, leveraging purchase and sale of IP rights;
  • trade mark investigations;
  • brand protection;
  • licensing, royalty auditing and patent advice;
  • anti-counterfeiting programs;
  • franchise related services;
  • interim legal (IP specialist) services.

If your intellectual property is important to your company call BRAND PROTECT today. We will advise you about the techniques and methods which will ensure that you profit from your work and investment and prevent others from damaging your hard won reputation.

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