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Our philosophy is concise. So is the brand protection advice we provide.

BRAND PROTECT is a specialist firm of intellectual property lawyers who are focussed on protecting your ideas and your business, with a cost-effective approach. We work with progressive multi-nationals, and small and medium sized enterprises, who value their brands. We operate from within the EU (with offices in Ireland and the UK), and throughout the world, either directly or through a network of intellectual property protection specialists.

In general, its intellectual property (IP) is a company’s most valuable asset. These assets include, for example, brand names and trade marks, patents, licences and franchises.  Do not let copycats take control of these assets of your business.  Its important to  protect those assets.  We advise on strategies to develop your IP using a business efficient approach.  At BRAND PROTECT, we offer the highest levels of service, and give our clients the protection they need. It is our IP-focussed expertise and many years of experience that sets us apart from other law firms.  In addition, we work hard to keep costs down, and are keen to be seen as a very approachable law firm. To find out how one of our experts can help you, please contact us. read more…

Since its inception, in 2003, BRAND PROTECT has worked closely with businesses of all sizes and understands their needs; this is both in terms of IP and how to take a business-like approach to finding solutions. Much of our new business is a result of being recommended by clients and we are keen to continue this working relationship to deliver all our excellent IP services in a way that is incredibly good value for money. During its many years of experience, BRAND PROTECT has efficiently provided the whole range of trade mark services, from the essential application and registration services to, if required, the more complex litigation stages. More information about the range of intellectual property services offered by BRAND PROTECT is available on the Services page.  In addition, the Services page offers access to more detailed information about each aspect of intellectual property law. Your brand is one of the most valuable assets your company owns. Ensure that it enjoys the appropriate level of protection. If your intellectual property is important to your company, call BRAND PROTECT today. Our techniques and expertise will ensure that you profit from your work, and investment, and prevent others from damaging your hard-won reputation.