Our services: protecting your business’ intangible property

In this website, we explain how intellectual property law can help you protect your brand name, business ideas and reputation; your most valuable business assets

Due to its focus on intellectual property services (“IP”), BRAND PROTECT is one of the world’s best-respected IP protection firms. The firm is based in Bicester near Oxford, and all its attorneys are IP specialists. With this high level of IP expertise, and the avoidance of high-cost city-based offices, BRAND PROTECT is able to offer the very best value to its clients.

Above all, BRAND PROTECT aims to ensure all businesses and individuals have the opportunity to protect their ideas. Designs, trade marks, patents, etc. are all valuable and key elements in the success of a business. Brand Protect has two key differentiators:

  • BRAND PROTECT is focussed only on IP expertise, and related issues, and is not interested in cross-selling other non-IP legal services, and
  • BRAND PROTECT is based in a pleasant sub-urban industrial estate, and is not concerned with superficial appearances, such as smart city-based offices with deep pile carpets, that push up the price of undertaking legal work.

Businesses need to be sure that they fully appreciate the value of their intellectual property (IP), and its potential for providing opportunities for future revenue and profit. If your intellectual property is legally protected, it can become a valuable business asset. Your intellectual property could generate an income for your business through the licensing, sale, or commercialisation of the IP-protected goods and/or services. This could significantly increase your presence in the market place and potentially increase market share and profit margins. IP rights can enhance the value of your business in the eyes of investors and other finance institutions. For example, if your business were to be sold, or merged, IP assets can raise the value of your enterprise considerably, and at times may be the primary or sometimes the only assets of value.

BRAND PROTECT started in 2003 and has earned its strong reputation because it focuses on protecting the most valuable assets of your business, your intellectual property.

Our intellectual property services include (click on each item below for more information ours the drop down menu above):

If your intellectual property is important to your company call BRAND PROTECT today on 01869 369701. We will advise you about the techniques and methods to ensure that you profit from your work, ideas and investment, and prevent others from potentially damaging your hard won reputation.