Even before you have chosen the name of your brand, we encourage you to search for appropriate domain names for your website.

How to chose and acquire a domain name

Obtaining the right domain name is often essential for your brand’s credibility. It is important to register your domain name with the appropriate registry/ registries for the territories in which you trade. Domain name registration fees are usually due annually.

You may find that a third party has already registered the most appropriate name for your business. If this is the case, and if this domain name is really important to your trading name and brand development, BRAND PROTECT can advise you on procedures that enable you to acquire the chosen domain name.

If you are prepared to use another name, then we can advise on the most appropriate choice of name from the viewpoint of protecting your trading name. This advice can include domain names, trade marks, and other intellectual property. When you know the domain name that you require, instruct BRAND PROTECT and we can pre-register and/or register your domain name with domain name registries around the world. Your choice is not restricted to .com or .uk domains; you can register domains ending in a range of other words, e.g. .toys or .ski

What if the domain name you want has been already registered?

BRAND PROTECT can still help. There are companies and individuals who hope to profit, at your expense, by purchasing domain names. They have no intention of using the domain names themselves, but wish to prevent others from using them.  Sometimes this is with a view to re-selling at a higher price than they paid. We can locate the owner of the domain name you want, find out if the name is used.  We have experience in negotiating with the owner, and offering a fair price for the domain name. If negotiation is not a possible option, we have experience of legally acquiring such domain names inexpensively on behalf of our clients.

At BRAND PROTECT, we know how important the correct choice of domain name is to your company.  We can advise you on the best and cost-effective methods of ensuring that you acquire the most appropriate domain name to ensure that your business can be reached on the internet. Please call us on 01869 369701 for a free initial consultation on how we may be able to help you.